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There was a time, not so long ago, well within the reach of our ancestors where we, as women, knew the importance of coming together to connect with the land, to learn from each other so that we could grow and remember the importance and sacredness of our medicine.

Medicine can mean many many things and is very unique to each and every one of us. Imagine a world where there is enough space for us all to shine in our truth, embodying our medicine. Medicine Woman is a place for this to grow, to give us the space to learn, connect and to embody our truest and most valuable selves.

‘When women gather, great things will happen’- Leymah Gbowee wrote and I truly believe in the power of women gathering more and more.

At Medicine Woman, we are offering an array of talks, workshops, music, dance, creativity and celebration from some of the best space holders I have had the pleasure of connecting and with the theme of return to the temple, our great mystery, mother earth. To learn how to live in harmony with her, to learn from the stories of our grandmothers and elders who have a wealth of knowledge to share with us.

At Medicine Woman, we offer a space for you to dive as deep as you wish, reconnecting to your creativity and expression as a woman, remembering the safety and sensuality that it is to be you.

Each day there will be a circle of prayer, a chance to gather in the heart of our sacredness, before we commence our days full of rich possibility and curiosity.

Consisting of 4 nights, 3 days, we will open our fields set looking out through the beautiful landscapes of Somerset with the magnificent Glastonbury Tor in the background, you are welcome, just as you are.

This gathering is open to all who identify as a woman, inclusive on non-binary and trans.

We are a child-friendly gathering, however, we ask only boys under the age of 5 are welcome.

We look forward to gathering with you this June/July!

Early Bird tickets available through this link until 1st April 2023:

If you have any questions, please email

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